Welcome to the New Version of The Strempka Gallery

Sep 30, 2013, 8:00:00 PM

The new version of my site is finally up and running.  For the past six or seven weeks, the Company powering my website, Fotomerchant has asked all of its clients to convert to their new platform, which should be an improvement in what I already thought was a great way to view the photos I provide from around Northwest Indiana.

One drawback has been that they will not be able to convert the existing customer base, so if you were previously registered on the site, you will need to register again...I hope that's only a minor inconvenience.

New to the site is the ability to share images on social networks as well as purchasing a low resolution digital image (Facebook samplers) for on-line use.  The digital option is available for purchase on Galleries after 9/19/13.  They can be used on Facebook or other Social Networks, or perhaps on recruiting sites by athletes hoping to get noticed by Colleges or Universities.

Please enjoy the new site and have a look around.  I'll use this blog for product announcements, occasional opinions or things I find interesting to share in the world of photography, or news on some of the people/athletes you will find on this site.  Thanks for visiting!

My best,

Bob Strempka