• 08_FB_LP_CP_DSC_6262 - LaPorte vs. Crown Point - 10/2/15
  • 64_FB_LP_CP_DSC_6662 - LaPorte vs. Crown Point - 10/2/15
  • 52_VB_CP_VHS_DSC_5918 - Crown Point vs. Valpo - 10/1/15
  • 045_FB_VHS_CP_DSC_4856 - Valpo vs. Crown Point - 9/25/15
  • 120_FB_VHS_CP_DSC_5161 - Valpo vs. Crown Point - 9/25/15
  • 32_FB_CP_VHS_JV_DSC_5322 - Crown Point vs. Valpo (JV) - 9/26/15
  • 26_FB_CP_VHS_JV_DSC_5292 - Crown Point vs. Valpo (JV) - 9/26/15
  • 26_VB_CHS_VHS_DSC_3937 - Chesterton vs. Valpo - 9/24/15
  • 56_VB_CHS_VHS_DSC_4064 - Chesterton vs. Valpo - 9/24/15

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10/2/15 - LaPorte vs. Crown Point Football (70 Varsity images)

10/1/15 - Crown Point vs. Valpo Volleyball (53 Varsity images)

9/26/15 - Crown Point vs. Valpo Football (96 Junior Varsity images)

9/25/15 - Valpo vs. Crown Point Football (127 Varsity images)

9/24/15 - Chesterton vs. Valpo Volleyball (46 Freshman and 59 Varsity images)

Now in my thirteenth year of providing high quality action photography of sporting events here in Northwest Indiana, my objective is to capture special moments and create lasting memories through imagery. I do my best to present individual athletes, as well as key plays to provide a visual feel for the game. From its roots as a casual hobby, the site has developed a following of many athletes, parents, fans, coaches and school administrators. The site also serves as an independent source of content to media outlets.

Powered by Fotomerchant, photos and sports novelty items can be purchased securely using Visa, Mastercard, PayPal and other forms of payment.  Most photos and products are processed through one of the premier photo labs in the country, Burrell Imaging, here in Crown Point, IN.

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Bob Strempka

Crown Point, Indiana